Size Matters

I just finished folding and putting away clothes and while I was busy doing that I kept pulling up my capris. I know that might be too much information for you but hear me out.

The capris’ were given to me and I am so thankful for them. You see I had been wearing a size 8 and these are a size 6. I have recently lost some weight ( to me it has been a considerable amount to the scale of 30 pounds. Oh yeah baby!) and I hoped these would fit me. Because they are after all, two sizes smaller than what I had been wearing.

They don’t. They are too big.  I should be thrilled, right?

I’m not. I’m confused. You see when I was given these I was also given some jeans that are size 8 and some that are size 7. Those fit. The size 7 more so than the size 8, and I think I was also given some others in size 6 and they fit me.

My oldest child is 10, she will be 11 in July. She is almost as tall as I am, which since I’m not all that tall is not that difficult. But she is very thin.  She needs a size 12 in length but honestly, could still wear a size 7 or smaller in the waist. Very thin.

(Yes, that is here there. I’m sorry it’s sideways and I can’t seem to fix it now. )

Please tell me why I can, as an adult, weighing probably twice as much as she does, wear her child size 10/12 jacket? My winter coat is a child size 14/16 (or their extra large) and you know what? It’s too big!

Am I the only one who sees a problem with this? Now Ariana is a girlie girlie to the core. She is dainty, loves pink, frillies you name it. If it’s girlie, she’s all over it.  My winter coat is pink and brown. She loves it. She can’t wait to grow into it. I’m wondering if that will ever happen. I mean, I’m 30 years older than she is, outweigh her by at least twice her weight and it’s too big for me!

I know with the onset of obesity in my culture (and my town’s claim to fame? The largest population of obese people in the nation) to make those who are, to be blunt, fat feel better about being unhealthy clothing sizes changed. So what a few years ago was a size 10 is now a size 8.

The clothes that were given to me are, I think, the old sizes. So the size 6, 7 and 8 are just that size. But it gets confusing. For example, why does a pair of size 7 jeans fit me and a pair of size 6 slid off? Makes no sense at all.

I like the old way of sizing much better…just sayin’.