’s been awhile

A long while. Life is still happening at warp speed. I am filling in the church office as administrative assistant, which really isn’t that just fancy lingo for “secretary”? Some people call me the “Office Manager”, I like that and I like it because I’m good at it. Whatever I tell the office to do, the office does. Good thing I’ve only ever told it to, “stay right here”. Love it. Every afternoon when I leave I say, “stay right here” and the next morning it’s still there. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I should do this more often. One thing that really surprises me though, I never in a million years would have ever thought that working in the office putting together bulletins, making coffee, scheduling greeters and such, would put me on the spiritual front line. I had no idea I would subject to so much hatred from the enemy of my very soul. I guess I could say I walked in with my eyes shut, but lemme tell you they are wide open now. I’m on to his schemes like peanut butter on bread. I’m keeping studied up and prayed up and if you all could pray for me that would be super. Nothing major has happened just a couple of small incidents that really aren’t big enough to be a blip on anyone’s radar, but they bothered me and okay I’ll admit, it hurt. We are also still homeschooling. Goober is finishing up 5th grade and Beanie is finishing up 3rd. I’m still drinking coffee…copious amounts of coffee only now I’ve switched to decaf. Something about getting older and needing more sleep…yeah…that’s my story and I’ll stick to it.


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  1. I see your name in the footprints and I tell myself , this is a good ancient friend . So I come to say hello and I am glad you enjoy your job.MIchel


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