Sew Sew, sew a stitch

I’ve never been a big sew-er. (Yes, I had to hyphenate that word!laughing) I remember making tote bags for 4-H, and a couple of elastic waist skirts, but otherwise I really wasn’t into the whole sewing thing.


Who am I kidding? I wasn’t in the whole domestic thing. Yeah, when I got married my one domestic quality? I lived in a house. A house I kept tidy because I wasn’t often there. But I digress.

I’ve changed a lot over the past years. I inherited my mother-in-law’s sewing machine in 2007 and for the most part it has been sitting around. I have made a few things for the girls, but for the most part I’ve just thrown them together without a pattern. 

It seems lately everyone I talk to is sewing something or other. And I’m getting a little tired of seeing all their creativity. It is making me jealous. I want to do it too. I mean I really want to do it too. 

It is especially bad when I am sitting in the office and my friends are on the other side of the wall sewing and calling to me to come and see what they are doing. 

I fear I need to indulge this. I want to start. But I’m a big chicken. The last time I really sewed anything, it wasn’t pretty. Did you know it isn’t the smartest thing to sew when you haven’t done it in years and you have PMS? 

Can you picture that? Yeah. That’s what it looked like. 


So whether or not I actually do anything in this regard…who knows. Maybe now that I’ve got it out there the feeling will leave. (not gonna hold my breath on that one)