I might be…

a little bit disgruntled. Maybe disenchanted is a better term. Or maybe not. 


I might have mentioned that I am filling in our church office as administrative assistant. Really I’m the secretary but they like to give fancy-schmancy titles like Administrative Assistant and Office Manager. Shoot my office was called “Command Central” and I’m the leader. The title I’d really like is “Boss”, or “Chief Dictator” which might be a bit redundant but I digress. I’ve been filling in for a couple of months now and for the most part it’s been grand. 

I had tell Dear Man the other day that I never in a million years would have thought my working in a church office doing basic office work would put me in the front lines spiritually. Never thought it would happen. But it has and I’ve dodged and been hit by what I think is far more than my fair share of pot-shots. It hasn’t been that many but when you’re not expecting any at all, a few is a BIG deal. 

But I’m not here to talk about that. Nope. I’m here to talk about people. Not gossip, mind you, that is nasty. But to talk about people. I live a few hundred miles from the nearest relative and yes, we chose that and yes, we like it that way but it does have it’s distinct disadvantages. Like no one to offer to take your children when you need it. 

Which leads me to my disgruntled-ness.  My church is a friendly church, and no I’m not just saying that. We are a family oriented church. Our church is our family. I love that when I’m walking down the hall while I’m working, I’ll hear the youth leaders voice laughing with my girls. I love that the janitor will holler, “I have a job for those girls!!” and I love that they go running. I love that when painting the sanctuary I didn’t have to teach my girls to paint, others did that, even to the extent of saying, “Form doesn’t matter, what matters is you’re getting paint on the wall.”

But, and in the grand scheme of life this doesn’t matter one iota, when I need someone to take my children to a silly kid’s movie they earned through the public library reading program, I can’t find anyone. Suddenly no one is available or willing to invest in my children


It just has me really disappointed.