Sum-Sum-Summer time!

I love summer. I dearly love summer. The older I get the more I like the heat and the less I like the cold.

I remember being a kid and loving winter and snow. I would start praying for snow in July. We usually had the first snow the end of September and would count ourselves lucky to see the ground again before May. Yes, those were the days. I’m sure most, if not all, of the reason I liked winter so much was snow days from school.

Now we school year round and we don’t get many snow days, mental health days a plenty but not so many snow days.

I find I would rather be warm than cold. When any part of me is cold, I’m all cold. And when I’m cold, I hurt. It isn’t “I hurt” like I need to go to the doctor, I just hurt.

I also need sunshine. Oh my do I ever need sunshine. Where I live we get a lot of sunshine…in the summer. Not so much in the winter. Okay to be perfectly honest, we probably get more sun than other places but it’s not enough for me. If we have two days of clouds, my mood heads south in a hurry.

I think the best place to live for me would have to be San Diego. Sunny and temps in the 70s all year. Oh yeah. I would miss the transition into seasons though.  But imagine!


Okay, totally off that subject. I went shopping with some friends and we found this gem at a Good Will store. It begs the question: