I thought I lost my mind.

I did. I really did.

This afternoon my family left me to my own devices, which could be a bad thing except it wasn’t. Not today anyway. Today I plopped my body on the couch and watched an old Desi Arnaz flick that was literally about 15 minutes long. Just long enough for him to sing two songs, one of which was of course, Babaloo. I love that song.

Next I started watching a Lucille Ball movie but thought I’d wait for the girls to come home so I switched to watching an episode of The Gilmore Girls.   And my eye lids started to get heavy. They got very heavy.  I closed my eyes just long enough to rest them a bit and then I was going to open them.

When I did open them I was surprised to find Gilmore Girls was almost over, I had missed most of the episode. I watched some of it when I thought I heard voices on the porch and thought my family had returned. Only they never came in. I looked out the windows and didn’t see the van.

But I kept hearing voices on the porch. I glanced from my couch vantage point out the windows and saw no one. When I kept hearing them, I got up and looked outside thinking the neighbor girl was out there talking to herself. No one was on my porch.

Still hearing voices as I check the thermostat in the house and move to turn on the air conditioners. I think it must be my other neighbor’s girlfriend outside talking but it really sounds like it is coming from my porch. But glances out the window reveal no one on my porch. Not a soul in sight anywhere.

I’m still hearing voices. I walk over and look out again on my porch and my girls are sitting there on the bench chatting up a storm. Or actually, Elizabeth was reading aloud all the funny parts of her book.

I opened the front door and asked why they hadn’t come in. “Because Daddy dropped us off and you were sleeping.”

“Did you think to ring the doorbell?”

“Yes and we rang it. Elizabeth wanted to ring it twice but I wouldn’t let her.”

“Did  you think about knocking?”

“Oh yes, we did that too.”

I heard nothing. Not a doorbell or a knock. Nothing.

But at least I’m not crazy.