Funny things happen on Mondays.

This is a short week for me because I leave on Thursday for Omaha and the Women of Faith event there. I can’t wait to blog all about it.  Since I can’t be in the office on Thursday and Friday I need to get everything done before I leave for the day on Wednesday. Normally it isn’t a big deal at all, but this week is different. The end of our fiscal year is coming up and we have elections of deacons, elders and we need to pass the pesky budget. So I have a lot of extra work that really couldn’t be done any earlier.

A co-worker was looking a little stressed today so I offered some new candies I found over the weekend. I was sure they would be just what he needed. Imagine my surprise when as I’m saying “you really need to try these” and laying them out on the desk he looks at me like I have a few extra heads. I add, “but you don’t have to try them right now.”

“Oh good. I’ll just put them in my drawers.”

Oh the comebacks.

Then he goes on to say he isn’t eating junk food all day so I offer to take them completely out of his office for him to remove all temptation. He exclaims, “No! I’ll just put them in my drawers.”

Now in his defense he meant his desk drawers and yes I knew that. But the main thing you need to realize is I restrained myself from any possible comeback. I kept them all to myself.

It’s not much fun. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll tell him what he said because really between you, me and the fence post he still has no idea.


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