In April our church secretary handed in her resignation after 9 months in the position. When our previous secretary quit on the spur of the moment the end of February the previous year I was asked to fill in on a part time basis. They told me they only needed someone to answer the phone. Boring. I tend to be a self-starter so on my first morning of “just answering the phones” I marched into the pastor’s office and said, “I need more to do or I will get into trouble. Let me do something.” 

That started my doing the full secretary duties three days a week for the next 3 months. It also led to me filling in for the girl they actually hired to fill the position on days she needed some time off. 

Which led me to being in the position all the time since April when she handed in her resignation after 9 months. I told the leadership of our church that I had no time frame for my getting out of the position. My exact words were, “If it takes 6 months, if it takes a year, I’ll fill in.”

It has been about three and a half months and well, quite frankly I’m ready to be done. I’m ready to be home in the mornings. I’m ready to be able to do things when I would like to do them, not “after 2:30”. I’d like to invite friends over for coffee on the porch. I’d like to attend Bible Study Wednesday mornings and not have to carry the cordless phone with me. 

I honestly don’t mean to whine but this blog (I have another) is my brain dump. It’s not often I dump my brain but when I have something pressing on my mind I like to dump it here. 


Because dumping it at the cross apparently takes too much effort. Is that warped or what? I dump my heaviness here because the cross, the very place I’m supposed to dump my heaviness is too much effort. 

Oh Father, save from my own sense of self-importance. Help me remember to come to You first.