Women of Faith-isms Part 2

I’m cheating today and posting more Women of Faith-isms as I am having a bad allergy day. That isn’t quite like a bad hair day and nothing like a bad face day, not at all like a bad life day but close. I’ve had an on and off headache, unfortunately more on than off, I’ve been sneezing and of course there is always the drippy nose. Yup. I’m a mess. Having trouble concentrating. I spent most of the day playing Bubble Speed on Facebook. Tomorrow I hope I’m more energetic and want to do something constructive. I can feel my bum increasing exponentially. (By exponentially, I mean “of or relating to an exponent”. By exponentially I mean, quickly and with great speed.)

From Lisa Whelchel

“Pay attention to the way they talk about others to you.”

“Learn to identify ‘safe’ friends”

“Imperfect is another word for ‘real'”


From Sandi Patty

(I just realized I’ve been spelling her name “Sandy Patti…whoops. Sorry Sandi!)

“If I believe God‘s Word is true, I must believe it is true for me.” (This was so convicting! It is easy to believe it is true, and that it is true for everyone else, but true for me? That’s a little harder. It’s not that I don’t believe it is true that God loves me, but I know me and my tendencies to wander far from Him. His Word is true. For. Me. Period!)

From Marilyn Meberg

“We all have a need for more but we won’t always know what the more is.”

She quoted Augustine. “You, God, have created us for Yourself and our restless yearning will not be satisfied until we find our rest in You.”

“Cravings indicate there is more to come.”

I have more words to say about my time but it will need to wait until my brain is functioning on a normal level.


2 thoughts on “Women of Faith-isms Part 2

  1. I was at WOF this weekend too….well, I was up in the clouds of the AAC. Loved the music, love the stories, and most of all, I love praising God. Good times. Enjoyed this post, hope you’re feeling better soon and these little lessons are so true.



  2. Nicole, I love praising God too! and doing so with ten thousand of my dearest friends is really “over the top” for me. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for stopping to read and comment! I appreciate it! Who was your favorite speaker?


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