Saving…saving a lot

I feel like I could scream, “I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR”. Only I would change it to, “I am WOMAN, Watch me SAVE!!!” Yes, ladies and gents, I am a saver. Not a savior, I have one of those but I am a saver. Who knew I would ever be known as someone who lived to save money? Not me that’s for sure.

When I was a child I lost more money than I ever kept in my pocket. And by “lost” I mean, lost more money at the corner penny candy store as opposed to lost as in lost and not able to find. Yeah, I wish it was the latter but no, money went through my fingers faster than my legs could carry me to the aforementioned candy store.

I recently “liked” Pantene‘s page on face book and that netted me a couple of free coupons for FREE Pantene products. And it just so happened that I ran out of conditioner this morning in the shower.  And since we were already planning a trip to Target this afternoon I made sure to put conditioner on the list, grabbed the coupons and I rushed into my day.

I bought not only conditioner but shampoo as well because we all know when one runs out and you replace it the next one will run out within hours.  Now of course, I know I won’t need the shampoo for another month because I bought it. Have you ever noticed it seems to work that way?

Anyway, back to saving money, I was able to use both coupons I had on my conditioner and shampoo. The coupons were for a maximum value of $4.99. Now I don’t like to buy things every single time I go to the store, if I did, I’d buy groceries. Because of this dislike, I buy bigger than I need so it lasts longer.

The shampoo and conditioner each had a free sample attached, so it is like I bought 3 of the smaller ones for a whopping $.85 each!!

Now that’s what I call saving money.


6 thoughts on “Saving…saving a lot

  1. That’s my girl! Coupons, coffee, saving at Target, Yeah you! 🙂 I love your blog!!! Keep it up, my friend!


  2. Awesome! I am also trying to save money as much as I can. I guess it all boils down to self-discipline and sticking to your goal of saving.


  3. Wow. I’m proud of you, girl! I always ‘happen’ on sales, you know? Not much of a planner.. but maybe I should change my ways?


    1. I’m not much of a planner either, Kim. But I dearly love a bargain (relally, what girl doesn’t like a bargain?!) and they are even better when I stumble on them. It’s like a small blessing directly from God just for me.


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