Feasting to Fasting

Or maybe the other way around.

I have long had a love affair with American Fast Food. (Why oh why did Randy Stonehill‘s famous burp just run through my mind?) One of my early jobs was at a fast food restaurant. I learned not to seat the food there because I saw how they made the food and how those who prepared the food acted around food and whatnot. I would often leave work and make a pass through McDonald’s drive thru for their french fries. That’s when McDonald’s fries were the best in the land.

My love affair continued. I would often dine twice a day on fast food. And I only ate two meals a day.  After I met Mr. FullCup, we would only consume fast food once or twice a week. He tried to make me learn to cook. I’m not sure it worked.  Then we moved to only once a week eat out.

But I still would have fast food for lunch more often than was truly necessary. Because I was hopelessly addicted.

Now I eat fast food only a time or 5 a week. Because it is convenient for the days I forget my lunch. And my town has a plethora of fast food places to dine.

Today though I decided to make a drastic change in my eating habits. I have decided to cut out all fast food products for the month of September.   This means no french fries,  no burgers, no shakes.  Now, of course, when we at home grill burgers I can eat those but not fast food ones. (are they really even food?)

I’ll try and post once a week on Friday how my week of no fast food has gone. I welcome you to join me in the fast or at least leave me comments with your encouragement.

And now for your viewing pleasure….