Buckets Galore


As far as bad days go, this was the worst, but since I’m not inviting anyone to my pity party (because really, who would come?), I’ll post something different.

When I heard people talk about their bucket list I had not clue what they were talking about. I didn’t think much of it, other than to think they were a bit touched in the head for making a list and carrying it around in a bucket.

I am not a list maker.  I used to make grocery lists and promptly forget them at home. I could usually still get everything that was on my list. It helps that I pretty much buy the same things when I shop.

I have friends who make lists of their lists. Do you know what I call that?

Warped. Extremely warped.  I do know that my free-spirited style scares the bejeebers out of the list makers. “How can you remember?” I really can’t. I figure if I put it on the list, and forget the list it did me no good to waste the time to write it out.

Can I get an “Amen”? (or fifty?)

If I had to come up with my own Bucket List, it would be:

  • Visit Rome. I love history and I am fascinated by ancient Rome.
  • Visit Paris. I’m not French, probably have not a drop of french blood in me, but Paris fascinates me.
  • Follow every stage of the Tour de France in France as a dignitary.  Pop me in a helicopter and let me watch the whole thing. Better also had me some binoculars.
  • See a Broadway play in NYC. This has been a dream of mine since junior high.
  • Go on a long cruise.
  • Spend 6 months living in a foreign country. For me right now, that could very well be Chicago, IL.
  • Attend a Sunday Night Football Game and be invited to chat with Al and Chris in the box.
  • Attend a game in Memorial Stadium.
  • Travel the United States learning about our rich history.
  • Refinish my floors.
  • Learn to sing.
  • Learn to play an instrument. I’m thinking a kleenex and rubber band guitar.
  • Experience Ireland in all seasons.
  • Learn Ball Room Dancing.
  • Own all the seasons of “I Love Lucy“. (I currently own season 1 &2)

What’s on your bucket list?