Dunta Robinson

Last year I was shocked to see a direct helmet to helmet hit by Atlanta Cornerback Dunta Robinson. He lead with his head resulting in a concussion for DeSean Jackson and Dunta himself. He was fined by the NFL $50,000, which was reduced to $25,000 when he appealed.

Are they crazy or just stupid?

I should apologize but I’m not too sure it would be in any way, shape or form sincere.

The NFL said in October 2010, “We will hold our players accountable under a ‘strict liability‘ standard for illegal hits to head or neck…”  Apparently holding them to a strict liability means fining a player making millions of dollars a few thousand and calling it good.  Le’t’s put this a smaller perspective, if I made $100,000 a year and I was fined for something I did that was illegal a mere $10. Would that teach me anything?

No! I would learn nothing.  I would also keep doing what I had been fined for because it  didn’t hurt me enough to make an impression.  When a player is making multiple millions of dollars and is charged $25,000.

Dunta Robinson used the very same hit against Philadelphia Eagles received Jeremy Maclin last night. He was not ejected from the game last night. He was allowed to strut around and show the world how very proud he was of himself and his illegal hit.

I was anxious today to see how the league would react. He was not suspended. He was fined a mere $40,000. Not even the amount he was originally charged last year.

Picture my jaw hitting the floor as my eyes widen in absolute shock.

The NFL added several new, completely unnecessary (in my not so humble opinion) rules this season in a sad attempt to “keep players safe”. Gone are the days of kick off returns. Most of them anymore go sailing through the end zone as they now kick from the 35 yard line. But that rule is strictly enforced.

So we can enforce some rules but others can’t be enforced. Are we going to have to wait until someone is seriously hurt, or worse before the NFL stands up and stands behind their ruling and started ejecting, and suspending players?