The Only Bad Thing…

The only bad thing about bacon….who am I kidding? There is NO bad thing about bacon, but if there was it would be the smell. Not that I think bacon stinks by any means. But when I cook it my house smells like bacon for months and years.

Or maybe I might be slightly exaggerating.

It does make my house smell like bacon for a long time. But who am I to complain? It’s bacon. What more could one ask for?

In other, unrelated thoughts, I’ve been enjoying my study of the Life ofKing David.  A couple of days ago I was reading 2 Samuel 7, where David realizes he has a beautiful palace and God lives in a tent. David decides he has to rectify this situation and tells Nathan the prophetthat he wants to build God a house. And Nathan tells him to “knock yourself out. God’s all over that.”

God then had to tell Nathan to rethink speaking for God when He hadn’t bothered to mention it to God at all. Yeah, just what we all want in a prophet who speaks for God to speak without asking God. Anyway, Nathan went back to David and said he couldn’t build the house for God but God would build a house for him.

God would bless David and his descendants forever. God promised that one of David’s descendants would always sit on the throne. I know that is talking about Jesus, the Only One True King. He is King of Kings. No king is higher than Jesus.

The thing though that has me thinking is this: David probably has descendants living in the world today.  God promised to bless his descendants forever. That would mean God is blessing his descendants even now. I think it would be fascinating to trace David’s descendants throughout history and see how God has blessed them. To see how God has kept His promise to the man after His own heart, David.

Think about this, what if Steven Speilburg was a descendant of David? Or Einstein? Leonard Berstein, or Alan Greenspan?