Need ideas

My house is not all that big or all that small really. I have about 1300 sq. ft on the main living area and a partial unfinished basement.  I have carpet in the bedrooms (3), bathroom (1) and hall the rest is hardwood/laminate.

What I need help with is cleaning.  It isn’t that my house is a mess, it’s more I think I’m lazy. If I knuckle down and get to it I can clean the whole thing in a day. If I take my time, two days. Which leaves me a  whole bunch of days with no work to be done.

What do people with a cleaning service do with their time?

My girls have daily chores, making their beds, cleaning their rooms, cleaning the bathroom, clearing the table/washing dishes.  Generally I do laundry (the girls put it away), cook, sweep, mop, vacuum, polish the furniture and generally just pick up. I wash the windows when I can no longer see out of them.

My house most of the time looks presentable but I’m a little afraid for anyone to look too closely. I have heard of MOTH (Managers Of Their Homes) and while I think it is a great idea, I think it is a great idea for someone else. I am not detail minded enough to make it fly at my house.   I found this cleaning checklist from Martha Stewart and while it is great it would not take me long to go through. The simple fact that I don’t have a library or home office and it is primarily what I do now.

So how do you keep busy? What great chores am I missing?


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