This past weekend I was blessed beyond measure to be able to attend a Living Proof Live Conference in Casper, WY.  It was just what I needed.

I thought I’d share some of my thoughts from the weekend. Beth Moore‘s passage on Friday night was Acts 3:1-10.

Acts 3:1
Ninth hour = 3pm. Peter and John were at the temple complex at 3, the “hour of Prayer“. In Matthew 27:46 we read that Jesus died at the ninth hour, or 3pm. The time of prayer.  (oh and this just occurred to me, Jesus lives to intercede for us.) The ninth hour was also the time of sacrifice.

Healing of Soul and Body happens at the time of prayer. (Or when we pray we can expect healing. Maybe not always healing on our terms but healing all the same. )

I thought this was interesting, when it talks about the man being lame from birth it literally means, “in the womb”. So something happened while he was being formed so that he was born lame.

The beggar asked Peter and John for help, but not for what he needed. I do this a lot too.

Acts 3:4 “The looked intently at him…”
Hebrews 12:2 “Fix your gaze on Jesus…”
Acts 3:4, Jesus looks intently at us and says, “Look at Me!” when we look intently, when we fix our gaze on Jesus that is when we find healing.