Happy day

Nine years ago today I gave birth to my second child, second girl.  No, this isn’t a post about the birth story because really who wants to hear that while I knew early in the day I would be giving birth at some point in time that day but didn’t even really know I was truly in labor until it was about time to push. No one wants to hear how my water broke at Runza in the mall and while I knew my water broke, I was sure they were going to send me home with, “We’re sorry, Mrs. G but you’re not in labor you wet your pants.” I’m not going to say that I wanted nothing more than to punch the ever-livin’ daylights out of my doctor because there are just somethings you don’t ever do to a woman in labor and especially not in the middle of a contraction. Have mercy.

Nope, not gonna tell you all that. But I will say, this morning I was telling God how much He blesses my socks off every single day.  The fact that I get to face another day is blessing enough for me. The fact that He gives me sunshine is really just icing on the cake.

On this, the day of my Beanie’s birth, I am awestruck by His very goodness to  me. Nine years ago I would never have imagined how much richer my life would be simply through Elizabeth’s very existence.  She is always ready with a smile, giggle, loud guffaw. She is willing to do whatever I ask and usually does it with a smile.

She loves people and feels deeply with them. It is not unusual to see her crying at sad parts in books. She feels deeply when any one is hurt.

She loves to snuggle. She still proclaims she is never growing up and never moving away. I know she will change her mind but for now, I’ll take her promises.

New Birthday Book!


Sister Love