Ring a ling-a ling.

Before As many know I spent about 10 days in Ireland and London this past March.

I recently learned something of significance, when traveling overseas and you buy jewelry in the form of rings, don’t lose a lot of weight after you purchase them. Unless of course you are able to jump on a jet and replace the rings.

Two weeks ago one of the rings I bought in Ireland slipped off my finger and was lost. I had been out of town shopping that and shuddered at the thought I could have lost it in one of the stores we were in. I didn’t realize until we had been home for a few hours and I had no idea how long it had been missing. I was sure though I had worn it on the way home which meant in my mind, it had to be in my house somewhere.

Mr. FullCup checked the garbage disposal, the elbow in the drain, all to no avail. I unwrapped the roasts I had just wrapped in foil and it wasn’t in there. I checked all my bags and it wasn’t in any of them.

I looked all around on the floor and it wasn’t visible. I contemplated on more than one occasion moving the refrigerator to see if it had fallen off the counter and rolled back there. But I was sure it hadn’t because I hadn’t heard it hit the floor.

I asked my uncle in Ireland if he would be so kind as to, on his next trip to town pop in the shop we bought and see about getting me another one and I would mail him a check to cover the ring and the price of shipping it to me. He agreed. I don’t know my ring size and since I wore the ring on my thumb I really had no idea.

A friend locally works for a local jewelry store and he said he could size it for me. Yahoo. But you know what? I didn’t make it in there on Monday. Or Tuesday.

Today we stopped at home after a busy morning at Bible study, lunch out and we stopped only long enough for me to grab some coupons at home.  When I stepped out of my van and rounded the front I happened to glance down. I saw, there on on the pavement, a perfect silver circle. And my heart stopped.

I reached down and pried it up from the frozen cement and discovered my God loves me. You see, I had been praying that I would find the ring. I hadn’t prayed all day every day, but as I thought of it I prayed that I would find my ring.

The picture above was taken of the ring while in Ireland. The picture below was just taken this afternoon.

Rough Edges anyone?



Rough edges and not a perfect circle.

3 thoughts on “Ring a ling-a ling.

  1. What beautiful photographs. I am from Ireland and completely adore your ring – what is the inscription on the other side as anam is Gaeilge / Irish for the word soul.



  2. Sinéad,
    I love your name! The ring says “mo anam cara”. The jeweler told me it means “My Soul Mate”.
    Thanks for leaving a comment. What part of Ireland are you from? I was County Galway and County Mayo. It was beautiful and I would love to go back.


    1. That’s exactly what it means. You’re most welcome – the photographs really caught my eye! I’m from County Meath, approximately 50 kilometres outside of Dublin.

      You will most definitely have to return sometime soon.



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