Championship Home Improvements

Today is Championship Saturday. The day when all the college teams compete for the championship of their conference. Normally we are a football watching family of fools. We love us some football. But none of our teams made it to the conference championship games so the television has been blessedly silent all day.

But the house has been far from quiet. Partly because I have a 9-year old girl who thinks it is her born need to tell the world her every thought. I have no idea where she gets that.  I look at Mr. FullCup and I know it isn’t from him.

Oh wait. I guess that leaves me. Yeah okay so I have the same problem.

Please let me back up to day before yesterday. I was tired of having my neighbor’s renters being able to just take a sweet gander into my house because I hate having a house closed up. I love to open the curtains let the sunshine in. In the kitchen I have some very dark chocolate brown micro-fleece curtains that really did not let any light in at all. I also have some bamboo shades that don’t quite fit the window. Because I can’t remember the window is as wide as I am tall. What I do remember is how happy I am that I am not as wide as I am tall.

To rectify the situation I dug out some sheers and lace curtains I had packed away. They were bought for the living/dining room windows which are longer than the kitchen window so I needed to cut about a foot off each curtain. But I love how they look!

Oooooh pretty!

They let in so much light too. You can still see in but at least there is something there.

That brings me to today. Today we have heard the sound of a drill and the occasional yelp and sighs of frustration, “This is taking forrreeevvveerrr”. But we have managed to do this times 6:

The Before
The After
The Before and After side by side

Now this whole redoing the kitchen window and the chairs covers did not cost me a dime! I re-purposed everything I had. The fabric for the seat covers was the micro-fleece curtains from the kitchen. When I originally bought them, (they are two blankets) I got them both for about $12 total. The lace curtains were left from the previous owner and the sheers were….well the price of sheers at Target, in other words, cheap!

I have what looks like a new kitchen and new dining room for FREE!!!!