Hair Salad and popcorn ceilings

I’ve been asked a few times about using apple cider vinegar on my hair. Mainly I’ve been asked, “But doesn’t it smell like vinegar?” The answer, of course, is “of course it smells like vinegar.” But even I know that isn’t the real question being asked. What they really want to know is if I go around all day smelling like a fresh veggie salad.

The answer to that is a resounding No.  I do not smell like vinegar or salad or anything foodie. My hair smells like…well like hair. The vinegar smell rinses out immediately upon rinsing. In fact the smell is gone ever before I reach for the wash cloth and soap.

The other night I was out with some ladies at Knit Night. Knit Night is when a group of people, (I would say ladies but there is one older gentleman who comes and he might object) get together and knit. Now I do know how to knit but much prefer to crochet so I take my crocheting and they still let me call it knit night.  It makes me sound so old lady-ish to attend knit night. But it’s a lot of fun. Anyway, this past week at knit night I had a friend feel my hair. I was at that time on my second day of no ‘poo and well I wanted another opinion on the softness of my hair.

In case you all thought I was nuts and lying to you. 

And I was right. It is soft and it’s not just me.

Since I started blogging about June Cleaver, I’ve been inspired to really clean my house. Which is pretty much the opposite of what I’ve been blogging about. Well maybe not. I never said I would not clean my house. I wouldn’t last a day. I can’t stand clutter. Well clutter I can see. I have no problem with the clutter of dust bunnies under the bed. Out of sight, out of mind.

What I really meant by the blog was that I wasn’t going to be a slave to what the media , cleaning products manufacturer, and HGTV say I should do to clean my house. My house will never look like the houses on HGTV because I’m not a professional. My house will be clean but you might want to leave your white gloves at home because there is no way it would pass.

But this week and last week I’ve been a lean, mean cleaning machine. I’ve completely cleaned inside and out my refrigerator. Apparently in my zeal I pulled it out further than I had ever pulled it out. I pulled it out so far I found a mouse under it. Not a real mouse, a cat toy.

A cat toy mouse I did not purchase which tells me it belonged to the former owners. And I’ve lived here since August 2001.  Darla is now enjoying it immensely.

I’ve also been dusting. Now I don’t really dust, I polish. I can’t just dust because for one it makes no sense to me. Why wipe the dust off furniture only to have it land there a few moments later? The second main reason is my allergies. I want the dust gone. Not flying about the room.

Yesterday I was so zealous to rid my house of all things dust, I vacuumed my broom. Yeah, I was a bit obsessed. I also vacuumed my ceiling. I didn’t intend to. I started just cleaning the tops of my cabinets and one thing led to another.

The next thing I know I’m hauling out the vacuum, setting it on the counter and vacuuming the ceiling.

The ceiling that is covered in popcorn ceiling texture. It looked like it was snowing in my house. I have now swept my floor 5 times in the last 20 hours. I have washed off my counter tops times innumerable. And there is still texture falling from the ceiling.

My next house will not have any ceiling texture. And since chances are great my next house will be my mansion in heaven, I can rest easy. Because I am convinced popcorn ceiling texture is of the devil.


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