Audience Participation


Really that has nothing to do with my post today but I just heard it for the first time this morning..about 10 minutes ago, and I can’t stop listening to it. I just love it. I love the energy. I am still convinced that deep inside this white-to-the-core-girl is a black girl just dying to get out.

I think I should like to visit Africa someday.

I might be a bit of an overachiever the older I get. I’ve always been stubborn and fiercely competitive (except in things I know I can’t, or have no desire to compete in/with), and strong-willed. Now I’m easy enough to get along with, I’m not like Paris Geller from The Gilmore Girls. But I do need to weigh the risks and see if I want to do what you say before I just blindly follow. This might surprise some because I am so easy to get along with.

Our church is starting a Bible reading program using YouVersion called “The Essential 100”. It is a daily program for 100 days. We will read 50 key passages (don’t get me started on who gets to determine what is a key passage) from the Old Testament and 50 key passages from the New Testament.  I’ve known about this for a few months and since I happen to be a YouVersion junky and have it on my phone I am all fired up to begin.

I heard we were starting in January and everyone knows if you start something in January, a new month and a new year, you have to start it on January 1. Otherwise what is the point?  Right? Right! So I started this program on January 1.

My church isn’t starting it until January 16.  So I am currently 10 days ahead of everyone else. Overachieve much?

I mention this because it is a new year and a new month and well yesterday started a new week and most people make resolutions to better themselves for the new year. Most fail. Mine however are sure to stick, I plan to eat more and exercise less. A little reverse psychology on myself and we’re not even going to talk about how it works even though I’m the one doing it.

For most people their resolutions include things like reading the Bible every day. If you’re one of those who resolve, or made it your goal this year to read your Bible every day, join me! You can click the link above for YouVersion and download the plan and jump right in. If you have a smartphone, just go to the market and download that app. It’s quick, painless and free!

There are books that you could go through also, there is one for families with young children, one if you doing this on your own and one if you’re in a group doing this. I don’t have any of the books, and honestly I have no idea where you would get them, but if you’re interested I can snoop around and find out.

Please, feed the sanguine in me and let me know if you’re joining me!