Older than I thought.

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Last night Catherin noticed Mr. FullCup’s white hair and commented on it. “You’re hair is white on your head and here” as she rubbed her top lip. I asked her if she knew what that meant and she assured me she did.

“Zat means you are old!”

We found out her American parents are both older than her Chinese parents. She asked how old we were and the conversation went to other things. Until she looked at me and said,

“YOU’RE 72??!!!”

Not quite, I have a couple of years before I get there but she’s close.

The past two days I have felt a cold coming on and honestly, I wish it would either come or leave. I’m tired of feeling like I’m coming down with something one minute and then next think I’m crazy because I feel fine. Maybe it is because last week on Wednesday I consumed no fewer than 5000mgs of Vitamin C.  So obviously I have confused my poor body into thinking it should be sick/no, it shouldn’t be sick.

This morning I awoke the sound of snow pelting the skylight. The girls and I needed to run today as we are a week behind, last week was just too crazy, topsy-turvy to run or even desire to run. Yesterday I felt a cold coming on (see above paragraph if you’re like me and have already forgotten it). Snow was not in my plans at all.

Neither were the crazy loony drivers this morning. Oh my word. A car runs a stop sign right in front of someone and somehow managed to not get hit. A car pulls onto a busy street going the wrong direction and doesn’t get smacked. I wanted to smack the driver.

I would love to stay snug at home (remind me to tell you something Beanie said yesterday) all day. But alas, I will have to venture out again. We have a meeting for host families today after school and then the girls have piano lessons.

Anyone have any ideas for supper? I have two pounds of hamburger set out and I’m pretty clueless.


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  1. I’m making Bacon Cheeseburger soup today. KJ loves it. Sounds like something for a snowy day too. But its not a “lite” soup at all.


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