Monday Monday

“…you came without warning….”

Actually that isn’t true. I was plenty warned. The simple fact that yesterday was Sunday should have been sufficient warning for me but apparently not.

Today Catherin had to dress as a Bible character for school. Interesting concept for someone who has no clue about the Bible at all.

I tend to be a little non-conformist, okay that might be the understatement of the century. I’m a lot non-conformist.

Anyway, I knew most of the little girls would dress as Esther or Mary. Because those are the popular ones, the good ones. The ones everyone thinks about. Mr. FullCup was no help coming up with one because the only thing he had to offer me was “I just hope no one dresses like Rahab!”

Yeah like that would ever fly in a Christian school.

Then I landed on the perfect woman Catherin could dress like. Jael. You can read her story in the book of Judges or I’ll grant you a brief synopsis here.

Israel is again in deep trouble. The current judge is a lovely woman named Deborah. (okay so I don’t know that she really was lovely but work with me here.)  She tells Barak to go fight their enemies and God will deliver them into his hand. Only he balks and says, “I’ll do it ONLY if you go with me.” Deborah agrees but with one condition. Barak won’t get the pleasure of killing Sisera himself. No, a woman would do the honors.

Sisera flees from Barak and travels to a friend’s house. A friend named Jael. She invites him in. He makes her promise to tell no one he is there. She gives him a little milk to drink and invites him to rest his weary body in the tent.

And once he falls asleep she takes a tent peg and rams it through the man’s temple.

Proving once and for all she was a woman who really knew how to nail her man.

I am quite confident I will hear “Only you could come up with Jael” when we pick Catherin up this afternoon. And they’re probably right.  To complete her outfit and hopefully give others a hint as to her Bible Character I sent her to school with a jug labeled milk and a rail road spike. It was the closest thing I could come to a tent peg.

Here’s hoping no one suffers bodily harm because of the railroad spike.


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