This time of year

Can I just say if it is going to be this cold we should have at least 2 feet of snow. They predicted a very nasty blizzardy storm last weekend. I guess it was supposed to be quite the humdinger of a blizzard with blizzard like proportions but it amounted to absolutely nothing.

So today we just have the bone-chilling cold temps that are so prevalent in this area. The girls and I were going to go running this morning after we dropped Catherin off at school but hello! It was a little too cold to run.

Yesterday in Sunday school, actually our church calls it “ABF” or “Adult Bible Fellowship” but when you have wandered this earth as long as I have and you’ve called it Sunday School for a million fifty years it will remain Sunday School.

Whoa! Rabbit trail again. In Sunday school yesterday our teacher/facilitator was in Colossians 2, verses 9-20.

What struck me in these verses is just how mighty my God really is. I think in my day-to-day life I forget that. Yes, I admit that sometimes I see God as less than He is. I’m sure we all do. I’m not excusing my thoughts/behavior/actions at all. Just admitting them.

Because when we admit our failings, our sins we can find healing and forgiveness. We also have the uncanny ability to help others know that 1 Corinthians 10:13 is true. There is NO temptation to overtake us except that which is COMMON to man. We are all tempted. We all struggle and yes, we all sin.

God is not only the Creator of all things. He not only created all things we can see, He created all the things we can’t see.

But this verse, this verse spoke volumes to me,

“He existed before anything else, and He holds all creation together” (verse 17 from the nlt)

He holds ALL creation together. You know what that means?

I am His creation since we learn He created all things. I am held together by Him. He holds me together when I feel like falling apart. When my world is falling apart, when it’s is splintering at the seams, He is holding me together.

Now there is nothing going on right now, I am not feeling like I am falling apart. But there are times when I do feel like that. There are days I know the only reason I look like a normal person who has it together is because Jesus is the glue holding me.

I love that about Him.