Seeing Straight

I am not normal. We all know that. It isn’t anything new. The only thing that might be new is I no longer try to hide it. Sometimes I stop just short of flaunting it.

Over the summer I had a friend comment on an envelope design. “That line isn’t straight.” Her husband, the envelope designer (aka pastor) said, “It isn’t supposed to be, that’s how it makes the envelope shape.”  I peered at the line in question and said, “I wouldn’t have even noticed the line wasn’t straight.” To be completely honest, I still couldn’t see that the line wasn’t straight. The designer said, “Well that’s because you’re a little warped.”

Now every time we hear the word warped, we giggle.  I wanted to come back with something like, “Yeah, well I have a vertical astigmatism in my eye so I don’t see straight.” But I didn’t think that would really help matters at all.

This morning I was reading Psalm 23 and when I read verse 4, I had to stop and ponder. What does it mean to fear no evil?

I see so many people rushing around spreading fear of current and coming evil. Why are we fearing evil? Have we not read the end of the book?

I have read the end of the Book and you know what? We win!! We are the victors! The battles we’re facing now is already won! We are more than conquerors through  Him who loved us!

We have no reason to fear evil. Be aware of what is happening but not fear it. If the Lord is truly our shepherd, why should we fear anything?