Love is in the Air

And in the water.

I have no idea why I just said that but there it is. Today is my very most favorite day of the year. I know I know. It’s not even a “real” holiday. But I love it. Just why I’m so enamored with the day of love is a mystery to me.

I think because I might be a romantic at heart and I just love the prettiness of Valentine’s Day. Or maybe it’s because of the January doldrums. I need something to celebrate in mid-February. Otherwise all the frigid cold temps, million inches of snow and no sun would drive me bonkers.

It’s funny too. Valentine’s day is my favorite holiday but it isn’t in my favorite month. It isn’t in my favorite season. And it is the one holiday I don’t have many decorations for. I have one Valentine-ish decoration. Three tiered heart candles in a glass heart shaped plate. That’s it. I think I need to rectify this situation.

Why whenever I say or hear the word rectify do I think of someone’s bum? Really. I am only 12.

On Valentine’s Day in 1993, Mr. FullCup and I had been dating for about 7 months and I filled his car (a sweet Camaro) with Valentine’s balloons. Not only did I do that. I used breath from my own lungs to fill them. And I hate, loathe, despise, really don’t like balloons at all.

What I didn’t know was that the next day he had to take it into the shop for some work. And he left all the balloons in it. I can only imagine what the mechanic’s thought and how they ribbed him.  I do know after that time he never took his car back to that shop again.

Last week Catherin was using my computer and when I went to use it the mouse cursor wouldn’t move at all. I had noticed some water on my touchpad and wiped it off really good. I don’t know where the water came from but I’m fairly sure that did something bad.

I’ve been using my phone (ugh) or our mac. I am so thankful for the mac! It was given to us for the girls to use by my brother-in-law. I am a pc girl and I love my dell. I am grateful beyond words though that we had the mac I could use.

I was advised to get a usb mouse and see if that works. But when finances are tight and I’m having to double every meal I make so there is enough for all of us to eat and have leftovers for lunch, buying a mouse is rather low on the food chain.

But never fear. My man bought me a wireless mouse this year for Valentine’s day. And it’s not even because I complained incessantly about my poor pitiful self and my lack of my own nice Dell computer.

He bought it because he knows I’ve been under a little more stress than usual. He knows I wouldn’t rush out and buy one for myself. And he knows I love practical gifts. And what is more practical than a mouse?

I love him.

This morning I found $2.00 in the pocket of my jeans. I think that is my Valentine’s Day Gift from Jesus.

I love Him too.