Rantin’ an’ Raven.

This has nothing to do with ravens at all. Either the bird or the football team.  More about raving like a freaking lunatic.

I comment often on my advanced age. All the while telling my dear sweet friend who is approaching 70 that she isn’t old. I know that is somewhat of an oxymoron, I tell her she isn’t old while calling my age “advanced”. But look at it this way, I’ve never been this old before in my life.  With my advancing age I am noticing different things happening.

My memory is going. My joints creak. I’m ready for bed by 8 most nights. I’m getting up earlier. I’m also noticing they make print very small, practically miniscule anymore. I’ve noticed this particularly with my Bibles.

I don’t know what the publishers are thinking. Maybe “If I make the print small enough, satan can’t read it?” If that is the case, they should realize he doesn’t read it. He knows it.

It isn’t limited to one version either. My NASB, my NIV and my HCSB all have print you need a magnifying glass to see.  So I have been on the hunt for a new Bible with print big enough to be read while my Bible rests on the table.

Yes, it has come to that. I can’t set my Bible on the table (or my lap) and read it. I have to pick it up and hold it inches from my nose.  It’s not a eyeglass problem, lest you think I just need a stronger prescription. I just had my eyes checked last October and received a stronger prescription. Yes indeedy. And the lovely eye doctor (is it considered rude to call a man “lovely”? Just checkin’. If it is insert any other adjective you feel would be better) told me chances are good, with my advanced age, (at that time…and just think I’ve aged more since then) next year I will need bifocals.

Lovely. Maybe Mr. FullCup will also get me a hearing aid and a walker so my ensemble will be complete.

I thought a test for those needing bifocals was if they could see something’s better without their glasses then they would need them. I’m not there at all. With my glasses I see just fine and dandy (as long as I’m not reading the Bible that is) without my glasses, well, without them I can’t even see the Bible on the table.

Yes. I am that blind.

Anyway, enough about my eyes. Yesterday we received a catalog in the mail from a prominent Christian book company and I immediately flipped to the section for Bibles. I was shocked and astounded that there are Bibles with a price tag of over one hundred dollars!

Really.  Now this place discounts them considerably but spending $80-95 on a Bible is outrageous. I think this is horrible. I honestly wonder how much the publishing company pockets of that price.  Making a buck on God‘s word. I think it is despicable that the publishing houses “own” the copyright to God’s Word and make some people fight tooth and nail to use it. But to turn around and charge exorbitant prices is maddening.

I keep thinking of Jesus driving out the moneychangers from the temple. Different scenario, I know, but still. How does God feel about the price we put on a Bible? He gave it freely, shouldn’t we do the same?