Spring Teaser

Irish Daffodils


Today has been one of those brilliant, spring days. Only it’s not spring yet. So really it’s just teasing us, lulling us into believing it is spring. The next blizzard is right around the corner.

So I’ve decided to stop going around corners. It might make life a little interesting or if you prefer, it will make life more difficult. Especially when you consider I have to turn corners to just about anywhere, the bathroom, bed, the kitchen. Not to mention all the corners I must turn to go shopping, to church, to take Catherin to school.

Life it suddenly appears to me is full of corners. The more I think about that the more I don’t like it. Why is it everything bad is said to be “right around the corner”? Why can’t it be “right around the bend”? Or the mountain?

Okay this post is quickly going places I didn’t intend for it to go. And I had no idea it would go here. To be perfectly honest and incredibly frank, I can’t begin to imagine where I intended it to go when I sat down.

I did intend to say something like it was entirely too nice outside today to do anything inside. Except vacuum. I did manage to get that done. School was done outside, either on the porch or the trampoline.

No, they weren’t bouncing on it while doing homework. At least not much. It seems you get girls on a trampoline and they can’t sit still. But our trampoline is untrampolineable at the moment. I know that isn’t a word, but for right now pretend it is.

We have a slight tear in the pad and we’ve not had the brainpower nor the time to fix it yet. I did manage to check into seeing about ordering a new one, but I have to measure it and well I need two people and while we were all outside today, I couldn’t seem to gather the desire to go get the tape measure and measure it.

So they sat on it and did math.

I also managed to get the front lawn watered and part of the back yard. In fact I should probably go and move or turn off the sprinkler and finish it tomorrow. It’s funny, my across the street neighbor is an older lady who takes very good care of her yard. Excellent. I aspire to have my yard as nice as she keeps her yard. But when she sees me outside watering my grass, guess what? She has to come out and water her’s as well.

She might not be doing it just because I started it. I just find it funny that she waters when I water. Maybe I really have the makings of a great yard person and we’re on the same wavelength, but I always start first.

When I was blathering on about corners, Isaiah 30:21 kept running through my mind. “If you stray to the right, or to the left, you will hear a word that comes from behind you: ‘This is the way; walk in it.'” We really should avoid corners, unless the voice of God (because honestly who wants to follow any other voice) tells you to turn.

And it isn’t it great that when we get off course, and we all do, when we ignore the voice behind us saying “this is the way”, we can always confess and get back on the right path.

I’m so glad God gives second (and third, and fifty) chances and allows U-turns.

(Isaiah 30:21 quoted from the Common English Bible)


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  1. I think there’s a place there in town that sewed the tramp that’s been out at E&T’s house. It got a tear in it when my sis owned it and my parents took it to town. Maybe the shoe repair place sort of near the BIble Book Store? I’ll ask my mom when I see her. That tramp lasted for another ten years or so…we just replaced it this Christmas.


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