Weeks 7-8

Last week I was out of town and was just preparing to post our weekly update of life with Catherin when the internet went out.  I kept meaning to get it done this week and life happened at break neck speed at my house and I didn’t get it done.  So I’m combining weeks 7 and 8.

We are almost halfway through our 4 months. In some ways it seems like it can’t possibly be half done already and in other ways the mere thought of 2 more months makes us all want to run screaming down the street.

I am learning things about myself and not all of them are good. I’m realizing others things as well. I’m realizing even when Catherin is being nice, it isn’t long and she is back to her rude self. (In case you are wondering, she does indeed know what the word “rude” means, and often uses it to her own advantage. “So and so is very rude!” “DO NOT DO THAT!! I DO NOT LIKE IT!! IT IS RUDE!!”) Often times this change happens so fast if you’re not ready you’re liable to get whiplash.

I find myself tense from 4pm until 8am. Catherin gets home from school at 4 and we drop her off for school a little before 8.  As soon as I see her walk across the porch, I am immediately tense.  I hate that. I’m finding that I find it easier to just be grumpy, tense and “on guard” when she is home. It’s self protection for me. If I expect her to be rude and break rules, I can’t and won’t be bothered/hurt when she does.

Not a good way to live.

This week I had an evening with some friends and when I arrived home, Mr. FullCup asked if the next morning I would ask Catherin’s literature teacher about a book report Catherin had to do. I thought it was odd that she would be working on a book report since she wasn’t reading any books. She claims to not be able to read English. But I don’t buy it. She reads it every day in school.

Mr. FullCup told me he wanted to know the criterion/guidelines for the report as she was doing it on vampires. I was shocked. I know I shouldn’t have been but I was. I do not want anything to do with vampires in my house.

The next morning before school I thought to check the online history for the browser Catherin uses.  She is supposed to use only English. I know there are those who think it incredibly cruel and hard on the students but they are here for one reason, to learn English. I had allowed her to use the internet in Chinese earlier when I wasn’t sure how proficient she was in English. However, after learning about inappropriate conversations she was having, I wanted to know what she was looking at online and we made the rule of only English on the computer too.  I found that she had broken this rule every day since we made the rule. And she had been lying about it.

I confronted her on this and she has lost computer privileges for one week. If she has homework she needs to use the computer for, she will have to do the old fashioned way or find a different computer.  I also told her no vampires.
“Because I think they are evil and of the devil.”
“It’s just a book!!!!!!” Very angry face.
“I don’t care.”

I’m not exactly sure how she will finish the book report. I did talk to the teacher and the assignment was one she had given her students before the Chinese students came. The Chinese teacher gave the assignment to Catherin and it is on a book she already read. I do know there isn’t much done and we won’t allow her to research it at home.

I know vampires are accepted as “cute” by many Christians. I know The Vampire Diaries are very popular as is Twilight. With all due respect, if you choose to read and enjoy those books/movies that is your choice. It is my choice to not and not allow them in my home. I have young children and they are my first responsibility. There is never anything good that can, will or does come from vampires.

We are following the E100 Bible reading program with our church and one of the questions in the devotional was “If you could ask God for one thing and He would give it to you, what would you ask for?” Catherin said she would ask for an ipod touch. When asked why, she was quick to respond, “So I could get on the internet!” I told her probably not in China. She looked at me and rudely said, “Not in China! Here. At home.” I sadly shook my head and said “not in my home.”

For one thing I don’t think an 11 year old needs an ipod touch, I don’t think they needed carte blanche access to the internet. I know we have high speed wireless and there is always the possibility that our girls will want to go places they shouldn’t, but right now they are happy with the places they are allowed to go. And will ask if they can go to another website. For another thing, if I can’t trust her with my own computer, I can’t trust her with my high speed internet. For the last thing, if I’m not going to allow my own flesh and blood children to have an ipod touch, I’m not going to allow my Chinese daughter to have one either.

Catherin can tell you the gospel. She can tell you we’ve all sinned, we can’t go to heaven on our own. She can tell you no one will ever be good enough to go to heaven. She knows Jesus is the only way to heaven, and one has to accept His blood sacrifice for their sins.

She just doesn’t care.



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