Et tu, Brute?

Sometimes I wonder about myself. I really do and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that most people who know me wonder about me too.

Last week I hung clothes out on the line when it was a nice 35 degrees. My fingers froze. It looked warm. It was sunny. I thought the bliss of saving money by hanging the clothes outside would be worth any temporary pain I might feel.

A couple of days later I was once again hanging clothes outside and my fingers were freezing. It was 32. Now on this day I knew the temperature was 32 degrees. I knew it and yes, I went outside anyway.

Did I say I wash all our clothes in cold water? Yeah, you try hanging cold, wet clothes outside on the line when it is merely 32 degrees.

You’ll want your head examined and quite frankly it should be.

Which makes me wonder, why don’t we ever say something like “quite howardly…..” or “quite thomasly”. Why is it always frank? “To be perfectly frank….” How can one be “perfectly frank” if their name is Joe? Can Joe be perfectly frank? I would think only Frank could be perfectly frank.

Yesterday was pi day. I had grandiose plans of celebrating this pi day with pie. Just so I could have pie on pi day I decided I was going to stretch my birthday into a week. All for pie on pi day.

I haven’t eaten sugar in about 15 months. You want to know what happens to your innards when you haven’t eaten sugar in 15 months and then you do? It’s not pretty.

Oh I didn’t get sick sick. But my stomach did decide I was really trying to kill it.

In short, I had two bites of apple pie on pi day and decided I’d stick with my french fries and pepper jack cheese.

In other random news, since this post does seem to be rather random, I’d like for you to think I planned it that way, but….oh well let’s just leave it at that, shall we?