Spring Break

And it’s not even officially Spring yet.

And that’s another thing. I remember being in school and learning common nouns are not capitalized but proper nouns are. Nouns such as grocery store, restaurant, town, boy, girl, etc are all common nouns. But Whole Foods, Taco Bell, Chicago, Noah, and Caroline are proper nouns. So if one is talking about the four seasons, seasons is not capitalized because you’re not talking about a specific season. But I would think Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn are specific seasons and should be capitalized. But no.

Anyway, back to Spring (or if you’d rather spring) Break. There is no school today or Monday. I have not yet decided if we will take a homeschool spring break or not.

To celebrate the start of Spring break I’ll take the girls to the bakery for breakfast and then we’ll head out of town for a wee jaunt. (Since it’s so close to St. Patrick’s day I’ve decided to start saying things like “wee” just for fun.) After that, who knows what we’ll do. If I were braver I might decide to bite the bullet and make us all trek up the monument.

Some people here call it a mountain but really it’s more of a molehill in comparison.

I think instead of being brave that way, I’ll be brave and send them all outside. It’s supposed to be nice and warm.

What are you going to do this weekend?


(You know those times you ask a rhetorical question and someone answers it? Yeah, what’s up with that???)

(Oh but the “what are you doing” question…isn’t rhetorical….)