Week 9 (第9周)

This week has been hard and painful. Instead of going into that, I’ll post pictures of field trip I took all three girls on this week.

Friday we traveled to a nearby town with a National Monument.

Ariana trying on the Native American Headdress.
Elizabeth was a little small for the Native American Headdress.
Mongo buffalo head.
Elizabeth wanted to "try on" the old shawl from the 1800s.
Not sure what is going on with her arms. She is also standing in front of the old shawl/cape.
Ariana and Elizabeth were fascinated with this old doll from, I believe, 1849.
Catherin loading the wagon with supplies.
Catherin and Elizabeth gathering supplies for the wagon.
Ariana loading the wagon. She moved just as I was going to take the picture.
Catherin trying to figure out how to fit a chest of drawers in the wagon. She decided to leave it.

At the visitor center they had a small wagon children could load with “supplies” as if they were going on a journey by wagon. At the back, they had lights that would say “half load”, “full load” and “overload”.