Gotta Get UP!

Mr. FullCup gets up every morning at a very obscene hour. Honestly. There are some numbers on the clock you should only see once a day.

Take 5 o’clock for example. One should only see one 5 o’clock a day. To see it more than that is just wrong.  Just remember 6 followed by an a.m. is bad, 5 followed by an a.m. is horrible.

Early this morning I heard him get up, walk around and come back to bed. The fact that I heard anything is unusual as I sleep like the dead.

Yeah. It’s both a blessing and a curse at times.

A few hours later I woke with a start realizing I hadn’t heard him get up again. I checked the clock at it was 5:49. OH NO!! He had overslept.

I flip over and start to frantically shake Mr. FullCup hollering in a whisper that he was late and needed to get up.  When shaking alone wasn’t working, I started using my feet to kick him awake too.

Imagine my horror as my feet never collided with him at all. That’s when I realized he wasn’t asleep, he was dead.

Someone had broken into our house last night and sawed his lower half off and left his upper body in bed. How they managed to get past the alarm system without the police coming was a mystery to me.

I was still shaking him and just getting into a really good cry when I realized I wasn’t shaking him at all.

Oh great! The perps had not only cut him in two, taken his lower half; they also made out with his upper body too.

And then I realized, as I heard him close the bathroom door, I was frantically shaking his pillow.

And that is the last time I read the end of Hebrews 11 before bed.

(Incidentally all of this is mostly true. I might have embellished a little bit…but not much.)


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