Denver’s gonna Pey (a) Ton

I’m really rather surprised at the Indianapolis Colts organization for letting Peyton Manning go. Honestly, I know they fired him so they could draft Griffin or Luck. They fired a good quarterback in hopes of getting a good rookie.

Last season the Colts won only 2 regular season games. Two games.  We all know their record would have been much better if Manning had been playing.  Their back up quarterback just isn’t that good. So we fire the good one, in hopes of getting a better one?

Just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

I know Peyton probably won’t be playing much longer. I mean the guy is 35 (whoops 36 tomorrow) years old and in the NFL that is practically ancient. So why not keep him around, draft the newest young thing out of college, have him practice with Peyton. Then when Peyton does retire, you have someone ready to move up and you know he is every bit as good as your retired starter.

I also don’t understand..fully not having the whole team practice together all the time. I know it has to do with money but wouldn’t it be better for the whole team to have all your quarterbacks practice the same plays at the same time? Have all your kickers, running backs, cornerbacks, defensive backs etc practice together. Instead of practicing your starters and hoping your back ups are good enough.

I’ve also been wondering why draft someone fresh from college to be a starter. I don’t understand. You have backups, who have back ups, who have been in the NFL, some for years, seeing almost no field time.  And you draft a starter.

Why not move up your back ups based on skill and draft some new bench warmers. Why not look at the size of their bum as well as their performance in the game and say, “Oh now look, he’s got a big bum he could warm a large portion of our bench. And his playing isn’t half bad. We could make something of him. Let’s get him.”

Yeah, I know. It’ll  never happen.


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