Thoughtful Thursday

and Friday’s Food.

Last night was our church’ AWANA awards program. It was a little happy and a little sad. Happy because well it’s always a happy thing to get awards and watch your children be recognized for their hard work. Sad because my 11 year old is moving up to Trek. That is the junior high program.

She started in AWANA when she was 3. That is a lot of award programs.

Last night due to unforeseen circumstances the video our AWANA commander’s order did not make it in time for the program. In fact even now it is still in Maryland. I can’t help but think God held it up as only God can do because He had other plans.

You see this week has been rather trying, not only for the FullCup family but for our entire church body. The son of one of our members was killed in a car accident this week and we are all reeling. It is true that when one hurts, we all hurt. I love that about my church family.

This was the chosen devotional. Please watch to the end.


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