I may have mentioned before that our AWANA awards night was this past Wednesday. Our family’s journey with AWANA began in 2003. I know that is only 9 years ago but in some ways it feels like a lifetime ago. I had a three year old and 9 month old when AWANA started for us. 

My daughter cried almost every night of Cubbies. Eventually I got smart and bribed her. “Goober, if you don’t cry at all at Cubbies tonight, on the way home we’ll stop at McDonald’s drive thru and you can get some french fries.” 

Yes, I have no shame. 

(The same deal, just so you know, did not work at all on her sister.) She spent two years in Cubbies, then three years in Sparks,

and that has been followed by 4 years of TnT. 

The end of an era

Now she has two years of Trek and then no more AWANA nights for her. She desperately wants to do Journey which is AWANA’s high school program. We think it would be wonderful if she did. 

Also in that last picture is Elizabeth who just completed her first year in TnT.  Ariana has her Timothy Award. She earned that by completing 7 handbooks (I think…it is either 7 or 9). Elizabeth has a medal she received for competing her first book in TnT. Both of them could not be prouded. 

Awww shucks, neither could Mr. FullCup and I.