I am not Type-A. In fact I am so not type-A I think I am type-Z. What is “type-z” you ask? The furthest  thing from type-a you can get and still be in the alphabet.

I am abstract. I don’t plan. I fly by the seat of my pants. The pictures in my house are not hung with all edges the same height. They are generally straight though because Mr. FullCup makes sure of that. If I had to have all my ducks in a row, it would not be a very straight row.  I am not a detail-oriented person by any stretch of the imagination.

That is not to say I can’t focus on details. I can. I spent 7 years working as dental assistant and for that  you have to be able to focus on details.  I also spent a few years working as an administrative assistant/ secretary. Detail. Detail. Detail.

Last week the pastor asked that I create a document for our associate pastor. He wanted a sign up sheet for a 12-hour prayer vigil at our church on the National Day of Prayer.  He told me how to design it and I gave it my best shot. I emailed it to the associate pastor on Thursday or Friday of last week.

Then the poop hit the fan in a not so good way. The computer in the church office crashed due to not one but four trojan horses running rampant. Yeah and you thought you had problems.

I was asked about the sign up on Sunday by the pastor. I told him I had emailed it to the other pastor and hadn’t heard anything back.

Monday I have to ask the associate pastor to send it back as I am not pleased with the file and can’t find it on the computer at all.

Which brings me to today. And the point of this session of yammering. I fixed the file. I got it the way I wanted it. I printed it off and showed the pastor.

He is type-a. He is into details. He likes all his boxes to line up in neat little rows. He wasn’t as pleased as I was with the document. He enjoys teasing me about our vastly different personalities.

I truly like the differences in people. I like that there are abstract people like me and concrete people like him. I really do. It can just be so hard to work with a concrete thinker-person.

I sweated and worked on this document for a couple of hours, at  one point scratching the whole thing and starting over. I tried everything I could to get my boxes all in a row. I worked hard to get the columns the same length. I held on to my sanity by a sliver of a thread while I added to the margins and subtracted from the margins.

If I was Catholic I might have said a few Hail Mary‘s while I worked with paper orientation. I sweated it out while I again changed the height on all the boxes. Only to find half of one box in the next column and the third column was half a block shorter than the other two.

But I was done. I was finished. I could think of no other way to get it all even-steven. So with a prayer and a shudder, I sent it to the printer.

With great fear and trepidation, I handed it to the pastor when I next saw him.

He loved it.

And we all say “Glory! Hallelujah!”


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  1. Way to stick it out!!!! I wish I was close by…I would’ve helped you manipulate those boxes into order!!! 🙂


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