Ever have

Do you ever sit down to write a blog post and have your mind go POOF and it’s all a blank slate in your head? Over the past few days I’ve had numerous posts running through my head all at the least opportune moments.

Moments like:

  • When I’m going to bed
  • When I’m in the shower.
  • When I’m driving home
  • When I’m driving to the office.
  • When I’m at the office.
  • When I’m….

You get the picture. In fact just this morning I had the best blog post all thought out in my head, every blessed word of it.

And every blessed word went flying right out of my head the minute I stepped out of the bathroom.  Or maybe before.

As long as we’re talking about “Have you Evers”, have you ever embarked on a new diet plan and everything is going along wonderfully.  You’ve  been on the plan for well over a year and life is great. You feel much better. You’re healthier. You’re more fit than you’ve ever been when you get hungry for bakery cake?

Bakery cake! Cold. Fresh from the fridge. It’s all you think about. You are so hungry for it you can taste it.


In other words, we have got to get some new snacks in this house as there is  nothing but fresh spinach and frozen french fries in this house that I can eat.


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