Summer has come and struck with a vengeance. Last Tuesday night I was bolted out of bed by the sound of a million machine guns throwing my fan to the floor only to have it explode. Mr FullCup, of course, managed to get out of bed before I did and closed the sliding glass door.

Which of course set the security alarm to ringing and giving me a mere 30 seconds to extract myself from the safe confines of sleep and my bed, through the house to disarm it.  Before the men in blue showed up to arrest me for breaking into my own house.

Okay what really happened, is this: the machine guns weren’t really machine guns. Rather they were golf ball sized hail hitting my house. The wind did knock over the fan and Mr. FullCup did close the door setting off the alarm. And I did sprint through the house to turn it off. And no, I can’t be arrested for breaking into my own home.

A slightly melted hail stone.


This is what vinyl siding looks like after you rapidly throw a million golf balls at it.


And this is what your sad, pitiful garden looks like.

The days following this storm was very nice and frigid. But only if you’re me and prone to being cold all the time. However the temps keep creeping higher and higher since then. And I’ve loved every single minute of it. Our temps have been well over 100 since Saturday.

I have heard we are on our way into an early freeze with a long hard winter. Everything this season is a month ahead of “schedule” so we’ll a nasty winter. I’ll soak up all the heat I can and believe the long hard winter when I see it.