The Jensie—-Spoiler Alert

Who knew a power house like Jens Voigt (and really you have to say it with a strong German accent) would be able to do what he did today in THE Tour? I mean I know he’s good but man on man, or to quote Phil Liggett, “Oh my goodness gracious me!”

The Jensie, as he is nicknamed by those in the cycling world, or as he calls himself on twitter, made it into a breakaway group of 25 riders that was started by the Slovakian rider, Peter Sagan.  During the feed zone in Stage 10, a poor BMC rider missed grabbing his lunch sack and it fell to the ground. Ever the nice guy, Jensie shared from his own fee bag. Okay that makes it sound like they are animals, his lunch sack, he shared the bounty of his lunch sack.

There was one outside category climb on the day’s stage and Jensie was dropped on the climb. He might have been dropped by the 25 riders in the breakaway but he was not picked up by the peloton. He would live to rise again.

Following the descent down the HC Climb Jensie managed to catch the 4 remaining riders in the breakaway. It was an exciting sprint and time trial all rolled into one by Jensie. What a show of great riding!

In the end poor Jensie did not manage to eek out the stage win. Even though all of us at home were cheering him on. He finished  3rd on the day, losing to Tommy Voeckler (who took the stage win) and Luis Leon Sanchez.

Peter Sagan fought Matthew Goss for the intermediate sprint. Peter managed to come in 3rd on the sprint and I can’t remember who else contested the sprint and just eeked out the second place points available but Peter Sagan still holds the green jersey.

American rider, TeeJay Van Garderen was dropped on the climb and nearly lost the white jersey. He needed to keep within the sights of the peloton by a minimum of 43 seconds. He showed some pretty fancy and risky maneuvers to make sure he kept it.

Most notable because of it’s absence was the crashes. Since the first stage there have been crashes, more than one a day and today there were none. At least none they talked about.

Levi Leipheimer and Chris Horner, American rider and former teammates, managed to hang on to the peloton by the skin of their very teeth at times. Levi maintains his 19th place and Chris Horner managed to jump one spot, from 23rd to 22nd.

I would love to see Chris and Levi get in a breakaway. Will it happen? I’ll have to keep watching to find out.



2 thoughts on “The Jensie—-Spoiler Alert

  1. I love Phil Liggett! He actually made a comment on today’s stage that made me little sad. Paul Sherwen said, “I think we’ll be talking about him for many years to come(talking about P.Sagan).” Phil replied, “no, you will”.
    Phil single-handedly ruined today’s stage with that comment…well almost.


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