Just a few tidbits

I’ve been a busy girl. It is time for THE Tour, you know. And I have all my other duties as a Momma.

In yesterday’s stage, I believe it was stage 12, Matthew Goss nudged into Peter Sagan‘s lane. Which threw Peter Sagan off his sprint and nearly threw him off his bike.  As I’m sure you can about imagine, Peter Sagan was rather in a “spot of bother” about it all. The judges were not far behind Sagan in the bother of it and ended up relegating Goss to finishing in 7th place instead of 6th and stripping him of 30 Green Jersey points.

It has been debated and debated to death in the media. Some say Matthew Goss was unfairly judged because it was just good acting on Sagan’s part. But the replay clearly shows Goss moving over.

The rules states clearly that once you’ve started your sprint you must stay in your own lane. No moving over to another’s lane, especially if they are sprinting also. It’s just fair riding. Why purposely try and cause a crash just so you can win?

I had to have a chat with my girls about the whole issue. I had to teach them that rules are rules and if you break the rules you have to accept that there will be consequences. It doesn’t matter what the other person did or how good of an actor they are.

Not at all related to cycling, but kind of. I have started my Christmas list. I used to start my birthday list on December 26 and my Christmas list on March 13. Lately however I’ve grown up a bit and usually completely space it off and then hem and haw around trying to think of what I would like the privilege of unwrapping on the upcoming holiday. Today though I kept thinking of things I’d like but I’m not willing to purchase them myself.

So that’s my life.


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  1. I know what you mean. I think I’m almost as tired as the riders themselves…lol I signed up for the NBC all access of the tour and I make sure I watch everything from 9pm-1am, everyday. I am worn out! when is the next rest day? lol


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