I might have mentioned a time or fifty how much I love watching cycling. I have watched this Spring and Summer about 8 races and there are more on the horizon. I dream of attending a race, I dream of riding in a team car in THE Tour, or at the very least being one of those lucky souls who get to hand out the lunch bags as the riders pass on by.

But I’m afraid if I did that, I might get pulled on to the back of a rider and I’d gripe their helmet much like they do in cartoons and we’d both be screaming like girls. Or maybe I’d be flapping along behind his bike.

So maybe I shouldn’t do that.

I love watching the riders. I do. But what I don’t like and what I don’t remember happening before this year is the drama. As of this writing British Team Sky is in control of THE Tour. Their rider, Bradley Wiggins, is in the maillot jaune. Their rider, Christopher Froome is in second place. They have the Manx Missile (with a nod to Paul Sherwin), Mark Cavendish.  The whole team rides at the front, except on the mountain stages when Mark Cavendish falls off the back of the peloton.

The drama though that this team is creating is enough to make me cry UNCLE. I was wondering this morning what could possibly have more drama than a high school drama class, and that would be the halls at your local Junior high school. What would have more drama than that? Facebook for sure! But what has more drama than facebook?

Easy. Team Sky.

Between Mark Cavendish venting to his girlfriend, Peta Todd about the lack of a lead out train for his sprints, to Bradley Wiggins complaining to the team manager about Christopher Froome, to Bradley Wiggins complaining to his wife about Christopher Froome, to Christopher Froome complaining to his girlfriend about Bradley Wiggins. It’s enough to make your head spin.

You see, I am a woman. That might shock you but I am. I know how catty women can be, especially when we think someone is messing with our man. I understand that. I get that. Do these men who take their frustrations to the women in their life not realize that women have big mouths and tend to vent to anyone and everyone? Have these men thought of the damage their women can do to their job through social media?

Do these women know that social media is just that…social? That anything and everything you say on the internet can be read and read and read again? That it doesn’t make your man look any better and certainly does nothing for your public image except possibly damage it?

I think honestly the best thing the riders in THE Tour, whether they are on Team Sky or not, can do is to just zip their lips until after the shower and massage and then talk to their family. At the end of the stage they’re hot, they’re tired, they’ve ridden their bikes for hours and often have covered around one hundred miles. They’ve worked hard and yes, other riders have worked hard and sometimes mistakes are made. Given the conditions above, mistakes are almost bound to happen. Temper flare and things are said, things are done that shouldn’t be done or said. Things that if we were in a better frame of mind we wouldn’t dream of saying or doing.

So really, Team Sky and all the riders, please put a little time between you and the words you choose to speak. They might come back to bite you.


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