On the Offensive

I am unashamedly a Bible-toting, (sometimes) Scripture quoting, church attending believer in Jesus Christ.

I am also a hypocrite.

Because like everyone else I often do exactly what I don’t want to do. And sometimes, yes, I do it on purpose.  Sometimes my rebellious heart gets the better of me and I willfully do things that are wrong.

I am not proud of those times.  My daily prayer is that I will be caught in any thing that offends the heart of God (which in a single word would be sin) quickly. That I would be so convicted that I can’t stand myself until I quit the sin and turn from it. I also daily pray that my life would be pleasing to the One who redeemed my soul.

I am not easy to offend. Honestly there have been several times  I have been thinking about a conversation I’ve had, sometimes months ago,  and I’ve realized I should have been offended. Most of it is silly things, like our worship leader looking me in the eye and saying, “Really? People think you’re 18???” I glibly answer “Yup” and keep right on talking.

Unfortunately not everyone is like me. Some people offend very easily. With some people the very fact that I live and breathe is offensive.  When I write about my Savior, they are offended.  People think I should just keep quiet about it.

Some think I am sinning by eating at a certain restaurant. Or not eating at the same restaurant.

Unfortunately sometimes these people I’m offending are people who also claim to love and serve my Jesus. I am not saying they don’t. Not at all.

I am greatly saddened by the watering down of the gospel by some churches. In some circles the gospel has been so watered down, it has no flavor. You can’t even taste a difference.  I understand we want our churches to be seeker friendly. But when one gets the same feeling hanging out with friends on a Saturday afternoon as they do in church, there might be a problem. Church should be different.

I’m not saying we need to bring back the “hellfire and brimstone” sermons, although in some cases it would not be a bad thing. I am saying we need to show others they have a need for a Savior,  we need to share the cure for their sin problem. And if they come to church and are not confronted with a Holy God and their sin, how will they ever come to see their great need of Him?

If “I’m okay and you’re okay” is true, why did Jesus die for sinners?

I am finding more and more in Christian circles I am a minority, or at least it seems that way.  I have been told more times than I care to repeat that I am offending “the world” by my actions. I am told I am not at all to offend them because if they feel bad about sin, that is a bad thing. I’ve heard it said, “Jesus didn’t make anyone feel bad. He offended no one by His actions.”

And with that I take issue. He did offend.

And He offended those in the church. He offended the religious leaders. How can we say He didn’t offend when He called the religious leaders “white washed tombs” and a “brood of vipers”? I would be offended.  Or what about the rich young ruler who wanted to buy his way into favor with God, (ie heaven) and was offended when he heard he had to sell all he had and give it to the poor?

I read in the gospels that the world is offended by my very existence. The air I breathe is offensive to them.

So what’s a girl to do? Stop breathing?

No thanks, I’ve learned that can be considered fatal.

Instead, I’ll choose to live my life in a way that no only pleases the God I serve but also makes others long to have what I have.

Peace that passes understanding.

A Rock to run to when life is hard.

Joy that lasts.


One thought on “On the Offensive

  1. Good post. As Christians we need to be more conscious about what God thinks of us than how others view us–Christian or non. When we truly are focused on Christ we won’t need to worry about the way we express Him to others. It will come out right.


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