I find myself frequently amazed by the generosity of others.  It isn’t that it surprises me but that’s  not to say it doesn’t surprise me.

I guess in our “looking out for number 1” society, when someone is kind to another it’s a bit shocking.

I have been often on the receiving end of other’s generosity. It never ceases to touch a place deep inside me. A place that feels suddenly that every thing is alright, even though I’m walking under a dark cloud.

Not that I currently am under a dark cloud, but you know. It’s times like that it makes it almost hard to remember that “the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked”. (Jeremiah 17:9)

I am often teased about my coffee obsession (why did I just get the old  Guy of Gisborne song run through my mind?).  Every Sunday at church a friend has one comment on my mug, “that mug isn’t big enough!” and we laugh. I’ve teased back, “well then, just get me one you think is big enough” and we laugh some more.

I recall one Sunday in the not-to-distant past a conversation with him and one other person. Just who the other person was, I can’t recall. And it is causing me no small amount of discomfort.


Because, you see, in our conversation this other person told me about a truck stop on the interstate they often stop at. His point (his?? could be!!) was they sold a huge insulated mug there. He made the comment, “I should get one for you.”

Now knowing how my other friend and I joke, I jokingly said, “oh that would great!” totally not expecting it.

This past Sunday I walked in our church doors and towards the information booth/Welcome Center because someone had left a gift on it. I tend to be a bit hard-nosed about people leaving things on the Welcome Center. What says, “Welcome to our church! We’re glad you’re here” than a counter full of other people’s belongings?

Exactly. No one.  I thought I’d move it to another counter and look at the tag so I could nab the person it was for between services. I was positive it was for a child because of the Disney Princess print wrapping paper.

Imagine my surprise when I see my name on the tag followed by the note, “Pour yourself a big cup!”  I quickly unwrap it and find a 100 ounce insulated mug from Sapp Brothers. ( Do you have Sapp Brothers?) You can see the actual mug in the above picture.

The generosity of others amazes me. But that is nothing compared to the amazing generosity of God. Think about it for a minute.

God was generous enough to give you that breath you just took. The one you didn’t even realize you were taking. That last heartbeat? Yup, God’s generosity.  The close parking place at the grocery store when you’re in a rush? God’s generosity.

Every single day we have is because God is generous.

I can’t tell the person who gave me my mug Thank you. But have you thought of taking a few seconds to tell God “Thank You” today?