Wealthy beyond compare

Today the girls and I walked over to our local Target store, which isn’t that far, it’s just about a mile. We had been there yesterday as well, but I forgot one very important item.


This is not a blog about soap.

We were there getting soap and checking out the reduced prices on large bags of chocolate, and of course, getting the soap.

This is not a blog about soap.

The girls still love the dollar section and today they had money! After we found chocolate and got the soap we headed for the dollar section. I meandered it’s few aisles when I found an oval-shaped bucket in a chocolate brown color.

EUREKA! It would perfectly match my kitchen and look great holding fruit. I think I hit the jackpot!


The girls were still browsing around, everything was marked down 50%, and the shelves were fairly bare. I heard Beanie exclaim, “MOMMA!! Look at this!” She held up an eraser with the words, “I Love Coffee” proudly written on it.  Of course I had to buy it. I also had to hunt for other coffee items. And they did not disappoint me.

I found a key chain with the words, “I like my COFFEE like I like my men, Strong & Rich”. When we were at home the girls were looking through my coffee purchases and saw that key chain.

WOW! Daddy must be rich!”

“He is a millionaire a couple of times over”, I told them.

“Really?” they asked in wide eyed awe.

“Yes, because he has at least two things he wouldn’t give a million dollars for.”

“Really? What are they?”

I pointed to Beanie and  then to her sister and said, “One. Two.”

She was quick to point out, “Oh Momma, there are three things,” and she recounted starting with me.

Yes, I’d say we were rich. Very rich indeed.