Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, the day Americans set aside to remember and honor those brave souls who fought, some to the death, to ensure our freedom.

Men have given their lives so we can live in relative freedom. They died so we could have the right to bear arms, the right of free speech, the right to speak negatively about our government and the right to change it. It is a privilege to live here.

One thing though increasingly bothers me. It bothers me that my government has a Robin Hood mentality. They think the way to govern is to take from the rich, what the rich have worked for, and give it to the poor, who did nothing to earn it.

History tells us over and over that humanity’s default is to not work if they can get money by not working. If someone else is willing to provide what they are fully capable of providing for themselves, they, by in large, will default to taking the “free money“.

I am greatly bothered by the attitudes, actions and words of people in my country today. It is not in the least little bit illegal to work hard, be successful and enjoy your profits.  The rich are not evil.

They have merely worked hard and earned their wealth. I do know there are some who are rich because they come from money, in that their ancestors worked hard and invested wisely.

Back when my country was young, who was decrying men like Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Edison, J.P. Morgan, for working hard to be successful? Those were at one time the richest men in America. Vanderbilt had the monopoly on railroads, Rockefeller with oil, Carnegie with steel. We all know Edison invented the light bulb among other things. Morgan was a successful banker.

Who took their money and gave it to the poor of their day?

No one.

So why are we doing it today?


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