Secrets Are Happening.

2012-12-02 12.33.45I was going to say “Secrets are a foot” but I couldn’t decide if it was AFoot or a Foot, so I skipped it and went on.

We are screaming into the Christmas season at break neck speed. It seems a little odd to me as we are still in light jacket weather. Typically we’re buried under 2 or 3 parkas, hats, mittens, scarves and snow boots by this time. I’m not complaining too much. I do find it hard to get into the swing of Christmas planning when it’s sunny and the snow is lacking.

Not that we haven’t had any snow at all. We have! We’ve had 4 snowstorms so far this year. But at present my grass is brown and showing.

The past few years we haven’t sent out any Christmas card, letter, or picture. None! I’ve noticed when you do that the Christmas cards, letters and pictures you get dwindles sadly. I knew I had to rectify this situation fast. I gathered my family, conned…err asked a friend to snap a few photos. 

I did a little experiment. I put a nice family picture on facebook. And I also put the above picture there as well with the caption: Christmas Card Picture. I thought I’d see how many people preferred the nice one over the silly one.

I was shocked. Twenty-six to six people like the silly one better. I’ve had people ask for the silly one.  There is just one small problem…I already had the photo card printed.

As for secrets…this year, for me, is a DIY Christmas. I’m seriously going to try and make everyone’s gift. And then I’ll run screaming from the room.

Some will be sewed (or is it sewn? I tell you people, the older I get the less sure I am about what constitutes good grammar.) and some will be baked. Others will be crocheted.

And when all that is done…I’ll poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick for waiting until December to start any of these projects.


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