Forks Over Knives

Has anyone watched that? It’s a documentary about the food we eat and the obesity epidemic currently facing our nation, but not only our nation it is infiltrating the world. 

I watched it last night and found it very informative and a little eye-opening. I was right with them until I realized one thing; according to them animal products (meat, milk, cheese, etc) are to blame for our problems with weight. If everyone just ate a plant-based diet we could eradicate obesity, heart disease and cancer. According to the researchers, switching from a animal-product rich diet to a plant-based diet reverses heart disease and cancer.

Fascinating! I was prepared to once again do a huge makeover of our diet. Until I remembered one thing. After the Great Flood of Noah‘s time, God gave man meat to eat. Yes, before that we were eating a plant-based diet but now with God’s blessing we were given meat from animals to eat.

So I have a hard time believing meat is evil. I am not a big meat eater. But I do enjoy a good juicy hamburger, steak, meatloaf, roast etc. At times I think I could do away with meat entirely and be perfectly happy but then I get a craving for a hamburger and all bets are off.

I think our problem is not that we are meat eaters; I think our problem is we don’t know the meaning of the word “moderation”.  Our country has been extremely blessed by God and we give a lot of aid in the form of food and money to other less fortunate countries, but we also tend to indulge ourselves in what we are blessed with. We seem to have forgotten the meaning of the word, self-discipline. We have forgotten how to tell ourselves “no” and mean it.

It is my opinion if we ate less meat than we currently do and added more fresh fruits and vegetables to our diet our obesity problem could shrink drastically if not be completely erased. If we stopped seeing fake fast food as convenient and saw it for what it really is, fake and fast, we would see a reduction in not only our waistline but a lot of our health issues.

Now, I’m not at all a health professional. I’m not a nutritionist or dietitian but I think I have read and studied enough on this topic to offer an informed opinion.

One other thing that I noted; according to the researchers, global warming is because of animals and our consumption of them. If we just ate plants global warming would be a non-issue. I already think global warming is a non-issue as I think it’s a bunch of bunk. But to blame it on animals is crazy. (If we have to place blame somewhere, let’s place it securely on the shoulders of Al Gore. After all, he claimed it to be his responsibility.)

It was funny though that this segment came directly after a segment about who drives our governments food regulations and rulings. Big money. Obviously they claim it is farmers with an invested interest in selling their beef, pork, chicken, eggs and milk. Could it be the global warming people greatly funded this documentary?

I’m not saying they are, but think about it for a minute. How could animals and our consumption of them cause global warming? How can something God made, called good and gave to us to enjoy be bad? It can’t UNLESS we go to extremes. And we take our meat consumption to an extreme. 



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