Mr. FullCup works for a Christian radio station. It’s not a member of a conglomerate of radio stations like KLOVE or Air1. No, it’s a small hometown Christian radio station. Since he works there he is generally privy to all the new music coming out and he gets to hear it and play it. He even had Greg X. Volz call him one day.

I used to be up  on all the new and happening music and artists but that was many years ago and now I’m just happy when I can recognize Bryan Duncan‘s music, or Amy Grant‘s, or….you name it. When I know and remember a new face in music I’m thrilled.  I am forever getting Big Daddy Weave and MercyMe confused.

No, I’m not confusing them. I’m calling MercyMe songs Big Daddy Weave’s songs and vice versa. Which really just confuses my family because they know who really sings the song.

Mr. FullCup has been a fan, I think, of Jeremy Camp for a number of years. Until recently I thought he had to be Steve Camp‘s son, but no. The same last name but not father/son. I’m not even altogether sure they are related at all except in Christ.

A few weeks ago I was privileged to read and review Jeremy Camp’s book, I still believe (you can read the review here).  Just before I received the book in the mail, I received an email from Tyndaly Blog Network informing me I had the chance to also get his newest CD, Reckless. Of course I was excited and said “YES! A hundred million time YES!!!”

I thought the CD would be coming around the release date of February 12. Only it didn’t come, every day I checked for it and it just wasn’t in my mail box. Before I contacted Tyndale about it, I thought I’d re-read the email. I’m glad I did.

You see I thought it said if I wanted a copy of the cd I needed to reply to the email. Only that isn’t what it said. It said if I wanted a copy of it to NOT respond to the email. Only I saw that too late as I had already responded in my excitement. I was disappointed that I had messed up and was contemplating contacting Tyndale house to say I realized I had responded when I shouldn’t have but could I please, possibly get the cd anyway.

But it was 2 weeks after the fact and I thought I was out of luck because it was my mistake.  But God sent me a birthday gift!

The CD arrived on my birthday.  Yes, on my actual birthday. Happy birthday to me.