Our adventure

I promised a post about our recent adventure and well here goes.

Our high on Monday was 83 degrees!! 83! Completely unheard of for my part of the world the end of April. I walked my 10-year old, “Beanie”, to an orthodontist appointment and managed to get a little sunburn. Yay!!

Yes I am celebrating a sunburn because I don’t normally tan or burn. I am pasty white all year. Strange I know because I most definitely do not stay inside during the day in the summer and I don’t always wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts. I would blame it on my incredibly fair skin, but I would think I’d burn more readily. But anyway….that really has nothing to do with our adventure.

Tuesday we were put under a “winter weather advisory“, not a warning but it didn’t go into effect until 6pm. So I had the brilliant(ly stupid in hindsight) idea for the 4 of us to travel to a neighboring state to shop at Whole Foods and on the way home stop at the state we have to drive through to get to Whole Foods and shop at Sams Club. Now in the city with Whole Foods there is a Sams Club but we don’t like that particular store.  We like the store we shop at normally, it’s bigger and just feels better and cleaner. And we know where everything is.

We hit rain in spots going there but soon drove out of it. Yay! Our venture to Whole Foods was not in vain. It was Mr. FullCup’s first time being in Whole Foods so of course we had to show him everything. I had not yet purchased anything from Whole Foods except a run through their salad bar and a few Naked Juices. (Have you had those? Oh my! If not, you really should.) This time we shopped. When we left I was absolutely giddy with delight.

On our way back out of that town and towards our favorite Sams Club, we again encountered rain. Then when we crossed one state line the rain changed to a rain/snow mix. When we reached the town with Sams Club it was white with snow and the snow continued to fall. I’m not at all a fan of driving in snow and really would rather not. But Mr. FullCup was there and he is a most excellent driver but it didn’t stop me from offering to return to Sams Club another day and just driving home. He would have none of that nonsense. He truly is the hunter when it comes to shopping. He left home for two reasons, Whole Foods and Sams Club. He was not going home until he had accomplished his mission. We did decide to divide and conquer though. He took Beanie to Barnes and Noble for shopping and the 12-year old and I knocked off Sams Club.

No, not that  kind of knocked off.

We left that town and headed for home. Home that was a mere 1.5 hours away. A home we should have been at by 9:30, 10 at the very latest. Do you have any kind of an idea how long it takes you to drive 30 miles (give or take) when you’re only driving an average of 30mph?

A very long time. Okay, it takes you an hour. An hour after heading for home we had made it about 30 miles, to the first stopping place available…a rest area. As we were approaching the rest area I squeaked out, “Could we stop?” Mr. FullCup was very obliging, apparently he isn’t to fond of driving when you can’t see the road or anything else except snow coming at you. We pulled into the rest area and all heaved a big sigh of relief.

We were pretty clueless as to our next step. The rest area truly is in the middle of nowhere. We were about 15 miles from the nearest town, and we had friends there. It was tempting to call them and see if they could come lead us to them but that would mean them getting out in the nastiness too.

Soon another car pulled into the rest area and I hopped out to go see which direction they had come from. (Mr. FullCup was talking to our friends in the nearby town) The people had come from the north, the direction we were going and said it was nasty.

Back in the van I hear Mr. FullCup say he is inclined to stay there all night. And I wasn’t at all upset. Soon that was our decision. I had been texting a friend and I told her our plan. We rearrange a few things in the van inform the girls that we’re sleeping in here, right here for the night and all attempt to get some sleep.  At one point I nudged Mr. FullCup and said, “So this is what it feels like to be homeless. …It feels like you’re very thirsty and have to use the restroom. ….Please don’t lock me out.”

My friend sends me a text that another friend of hers is also out on that road and they just passed the rest area, they told her it was better and if we were going to leave we should leave now. It was currently 32 degrees but it would be colder over night and everything would freeze and it might be noon before we got out. We decided to try the roads again and see.

The snow was better, the slush was still on the road at times making us slide. (There was no ice at all.) We were again averaging 30mph.

I sang and prayed all the way home. At times praying God would calm the storm and have it snow lightly just until we got home.  I know at times He did because the snow would be lighter but then it would pick up again. And He said, “Trust Me.”

All in all the trip home should have taken us 1.5 hours actually took us over 4. (not counting the stop at the rest area) But God is ever faithful. He guided us home and brought us here safely.


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